a swift story

Craig Jacobs, South African Fashion Designer

18.02.2020.1:20 min

Craig Jacobs is one of the most talked about fashion designers on the Johannesburg scene. With his brand Fundudzi, he aims to reinterpret traditional South African designs with a touch of "avant-garde." His unique creations have even earned him worldwide recognition across Paris, Milan and London. Forged by the apartheid period in which he grew up, Craig Jacobs developed a unique economic model, ethic and responsible. He only uses organic and recyclable material, with low to no carbon emissions, and exclusively collaborates with local cooperatives based in unprivileged areas of Johannesburg. Martell Home Encounters is a video series celebrating audacious people in their environment through a passionate conversation with special guests. Among the themes, we have covered: creativity, audacity and heritage.

Craig Jacobs, South African Fashion Designer cover

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